First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Writing is what I adore,

Writing is what I wish to do more.

I never praise myself for what I write,

I’m still a flawed person, I believe that in my sight.

I have my aim ambitions, to touch the sky high

I want to learn more, I’ll read and write with no sigh.

I endeavour to win hearts along with knowledge,

I don’t want to stop myself, so I’ll grasp now all my courage.


I want to escape,

This big real world.

I want to pass over,

All of my lousy days.

I want to be fearless,

Of being left alone.

I want to be carefree,

Of all the mishearing.

I want to be numb,

For my every pain.

I impatiently want to stay in an illusion,

Where I could feel full of the joys of the spring.


Imparting me with a kiss on my forehead, every morning.
Draping your hands around my waist, on our favorite couch.
Grappling my every tear,
as if they are the pearls.
Pampering me with an abundance of love, everytime.
Life seems hardly possible without you.
My soul craves for you in every breathe.
Your touch tranquils my heart. No other thing or no other one could veil my aura as you do.
Everything is perfect, honey. You and me. Eternity to go together.
But, hey! Why eveyone calls me a psycopath?
They say you have gone miles away.
Tell them you haven’t. Tell them, you are right here with me. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day and every night.
Apparently, they are in dilemma. I’m clearly not hallucinating. It’s certainly a no-way. Isn’t it love?


July 01, 1998
Grande Ballet Academy, Rome, Italy.
It’s impossible for me to escape the flashback. Bright summer and my first day in the academy. My hands were trembling. It wasn’t just a new school but a whole new country and a bunch of new people. The only thing I had there was my enthusiasm for ballet. Suddenly a sound fell into my ears. They played a disc on gramophone – ‘Always Midnight’, aahh!! my favorite. I love Pat Monahan for this song. My feet were ready to swing in the air now. I enjoyed. And they all applauded my moves. And in those bunch of people, she was there too. Those long braided brown hair, with a tinge of crimson. Her turquoise eyes, and a cute weeny nose. I can’t take my eyes off from her. Whenever she set her feet to dance, ohh!! Sweet lord! A celestial bliss! I fell in love with her. With her beauty, with her grace, with her melodious voice and.. and with her fragrance, oh boy! Yes! She had a florid aroma – ‘Paco Rabanne’ her all time favorite perfume. Days were passing by. Every hour felt like eternity with her. We relished each other’s presence, we glamourised our flits together. We started to lavish our times on each other. Literally! Every minute. Be it in academy or in our brunch spot – ‘Antico Gusto’, Steak Ravioli with Pine juice or lavender sometimes. God! Time trickled and our bond hit it big. I always cherish to dig into the past.
And even today, when I’m pouring myself your favorite hot italian coffee thinking of you, I know I’m not alone. I can never be. You will always be alive in my heart honey. And somewhere from up there, I know you are missing me just like I do. Happy 20th Anniversary Valerie. You shall always be my first and last love of my life. Cheers to us :’)